Why did YouTube take down my channel?

Episode 1442 (57:46)

Chuck from LA

Chuck would like to do what Leo does and create an online video show. Leo says it's not cheap, but it's a lot easier and more affordable to do it now than when Leo started out ten years ago. He started a YouTube channel and his channel got flagged as violating community standards even though he's got no content yet! What can he do? Leo suspects that it was flagged by a competitor looking to shut him down before he gets going. Leo says he should just appeal it, and tell them there's no content yet. YouTube will overturn it. But when a channel gets flagged, it gets automatically hit until appealed.

Starting out using YouTube and Facebook Live is a great way to get started, but don't let the notion that it has to look like professional TV get in the way of getting started. As long as his audience can see and hear him, he'll be OK.