Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1442 (18:20)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott says that most of the door buster deals on Black Friday were for store brands or captive brands like Element and others. But LG put all of their LCD TVs on deep discount this time around, so there were great deals there to be had. The LG B7 and C7 are nearly identical with the higher end LGs because they have the same panels. So get the lower cost ones. The performance will be similar, the only difference is processing speed and power. Sony also put the X900E TV on sale as well.

Don't forget to put your TV on Movie Mode when you get it though, you'll get a better image than right out of the box. Also if you like movies, turn off frame interpolation. It gives the so-called "soap opera effect," with little motion blur. It ruins the cinematic look of film. So turn it off!

Don't forget Scott is going to be conducting the annual Tuba Christmas next week! Don't miss it!