How can I pitch an idea to Apple?

Episode 1442 (1:22:19)

Chris from Hemitt, CA
Apple Headquarters

Chris has an idea for a product and would like to pitch it to Apple. Leo says simply put — he can't. It's likely that he won't get anywhere with an unsolicited pitch for a product. The protocol is usually to refuse such things with a legal rejection letter. That's because patent trolls will sue a company for ideas and if they come out with a similar product a few months or a year after they'd pitch to them, they could sue them. Google is more open though. He could try raising money on Kickstarter for his idea.

Unfortunately, ideas are really a dime a dozen. It's how they're executed. And even a brilliantly executed idea can fail.

Image by Joe Ravi [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons