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Watch Neil from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Devin bought an iPhone 8 Plus, but now he wants the iPhone X. Leo says that's what we call "iPhone envy." And it's what Apple wants him to have. The iPhone X is the best iPhone made, but the differences are minimal. The camera will give him equally good pictures. It has the same processor, same memory, and same storage. All he would get is a taller screen and no Touch ID (Face ID instead). He also would get an OLED screen, rather than an LCD. But if he's only had that iPhone 8 Plus for a week or two, there's a good chance that he could return it to get the iPhone X if he wants. But Leo wouldn't. He shouldn't give in to the iPhone envy. The next iPhone he gets will be that way, so there's no real rush.

Watch Jimmy from Ohio Comments

Jimmy's friend is trying to help her regain her deceased son's Instagram account that was disabled for inactivity. Leo says that another avenue to try is Facebook since they own Instagram. They have a memorial site feature for accounts whose owners are now deceased. Jimmy can try going through them to see if they can be converted as well.

Watch Orly from San Diego, CA Comments

Orly has an invention that she's patenting. She needs to create a website to market it, but she doesn't understand how to get going. Leo recommends going with SquareSpace because they not only have a good blogging style content management system, but they also have e-commerce options if she's going to be selling online. Other CMS options that are free include Tumblr, WordPress, and Blogger.

Orly doesn't understand how other sites use Wordpress. Leo says that's because WordPress can be used two different ways: you can host WordPress yourself using software from, or you can let WordPress host it for you at Since she's just starting out, she should let WordPress do the heavy lifting, or just go with SquareSpace. They're really good, especially for eCommerce. Other eCommerce options include Shopify and Big Commerce

Leo recommends getting a trial site on all the ones she's considering and try them out before she buys.

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Watch Chuck from LA Comments

Chuck would like to do what Leo does and create an online video show. Leo says it's not cheap, but it's a lot easier and more affordable to do it now than when Leo started out ten years ago. He started a YouTube channel and his channel got flagged as violating community standards even though he's got no content yet! What can he do? Leo suspects that it was flagged by a competitor looking to shut him down before he gets going. Leo says he should just appeal it, and tell them there's no content yet. YouTube will overturn it. But when a channel gets flagged, it gets automatically hit until appealed.

Starting out using YouTube and Facebook Live is a great way to get started, but don't let the notion that it has to look like professional TV get in the way of getting started. As long as his audience can see and hear him, he'll be OK.

Watch Trent from Australia Comments

Trent is a video teacher and he wants to do live Chroma Key with green screen with his kids. How can he do that more affordably? Leo says that lighting is everything. He'll want to be sure the lighting is smooth and even, and doesn't cast a shadow on his green screen. Then he can use software like ManyCam. It works great, according to the chatroom. Wirecast is another option, and it is 30% off for Black Friday.

Watch Michael from Atlanta, GA Comments

Michael is trying to shuffle his playlist using RhythmBox, but it keeps playing artists back to back. Leo says that if the playlist is small enough, it could end up doing that, but if it's a large enough list, it is more likely an error in its random number generator. It's open source so it's probably just faulty code. Amazon Play seems to do the same thing, though. Unfortunately, there's no real fix for it other than filing a bug report and waiting for a fix.

Watch Chris from Hemitt, CA Comments

Chris has an idea for a product and would like to pitch it to Apple. Leo says simply put — he can't. It's likely that he won't get anywhere with an unsolicited pitch for a product. The protocol is usually to refuse such things with a legal rejection letter. That's because patent trolls will sue a company for ideas and if they come out with a similar product a few months or a year after they'd pitch to them, they could sue them. Google is more open though. He could try raising money on Kickstarter for his idea.

Unfortunately, ideas are really a dime a dozen. It's how they're executed. And even a brilliantly executed idea can fail.

Image by Joe Ravi [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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Watch John from Indianapolis, IN Comments

John has to buy a new laptop since his 11-year-old laptop is stuck on Windows 7. Suggestions? Leo likes Dell. What about the ThinkPad T430 refurbished? Leo says that for $200, it's a pretty good deal. They're pretty rugged. John should check out the ThinkPad subreddit on Reddit. That's a great place to learn how to upgrade an older ThinkPad to keep it up to date. It's really easy to do with that particular model.

If John can get a good deal on one for Black Friday, he should do it. And while he's at it, he should make sure to get it with an SSD. But with a budget of $700, he can easily get a brand new T470 for around that. And they're tanks, too. Intel isn't making massive leaps anymore with each generation, so even going with an older laptop to save money won't affect him performance-wise.

John should also check out iFixIt for manuals, parts, and even tools.

ThinkPads are great because they are business grade. They can take a licking, last longer, and perform for a lot longer.

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Watch Clyde from Sherman Oaks, CA Comments

Clyde bought a new printer, but it wasn't compatible with his Windows 7 computer, so he had to return it. What printer should he get that will work? Leo says that HP has a whole page of Windows 7 compatible models. It could also just be that he needed to download a printer driver.