Why can't I find my contacts with Google Home?

Episode 1440 (39:13)

Ellie from Hawaii
Google Home

Ellie got the latest Google Home Assistant and she thinks that as it gets smarter, it may even surpass the Amazon Echo in capability. Leo says that Google is pushing it pretty hard towards that goal. Leo also says that it could be beneficial for those with eyesight issues.

Ellie wants to know how to link her contacts to the Google Home. She can't get the contacts to be accepted by it. Leo says the first thing is to make sure that she has her device linked to her Google account and that her contacts are uploaded to Google Contacts. Since she sees her partner's contacts, it sounds like the device is associated with his account. There is an option to "share" the device. She may also need to add herself as a user through the Google Home app with her mobile phone. Also, to access her contacts, it will need to be her voice that's asking the Google Home for it.

Ellie should check out this article at lifehacker.com and this page at support.google.com.