What OLED TV should I buy?

Episode 1440 (17:03)

Derek from Moreno Valley, CA
E7 OLED 4K HDR Smart TV - 65"

Derek wants to know if the QLED is as good as an OLED or Plasma. Leo says that the QLED isn't an OLED or a plasma. It's an LED LCD screen. Plasma is dead now because nobody makes them anymore and OLED is king now. If he wants something similar, then OLED is where he'll want to be. Additionally, he'll want to get 4K and HDR. It looks far better than plasma. Leo recommends checking out the 2017 Value Electronics TV Shootout. The winner was the LG E7 OLED. But here's a tip - the B series has the same display. The only difference is a curved screen or smart TV extras. So Leo recommends getting the LG B series and saving $1000.

What about Sony? Is it true that it's an LG in disguise? Leo says it's possible. Only Samsung and LG actually make OLED, so it's one or the other, and it would be built to Sony's spec. But the LG is worth it.