Tech Bloggers Rush Out Reviews of Google Pixel 2

Episode 1440 (02:35)

Pixel 2 XL

Leo says that phone manufacturers like Apple and Google are taking advantage of the hyper-competitive nature of the tech blogging world by only giving out limited quantities of smartphones, and at the very last minute for only 24 hours. This strategy was pretty interesting because it gave bloggers limited hands-on time with their latest phones before they had to publish a review. As such, Leo says they didn't really have time to focus on bread and butter features like battery life or issues like screen burn-in. Instead, they're focusing on the newest features.

Leo also says that reviewers didn't have enough time with the Google Pixel Buds either. With only a day to test them, they didn't pay attention to the tiny bit of tape that was covering the earbud's connectors and as such, it couldn't be paired. In their rush, they didn't read the instructions, which would have revealed a simple issue. When you follow the instructions, you can charge and pair your earbuds within about 10-15 minutes.

Leo also says that there is a patch to the Pixel 2 that oversaturates the display for bolder colors. Now you have the option of natural, boosted, or saturated color schemes.