Should I buy the Essential Phone?

Episode 1440 (1:16:57)

Myron from Minnesota
Essential Phone

Myron is considering trading in an old iPhone 6S Plus, giving his wife his iPhone 7 Plus and going with the Essential Phone. Leo says it's a great deal because it's a flop sales-wise. It's too bad because it's a really good phone. It had an issue with a crashing camera app, but that has since been fixed along with other housekeeping fixes. Leo now says that the Essential Phone is flawless and one of the only phones running Android 8. It's also $200 off right now. It has a super fast Snapdragon processor and OLED screen with no bezel. Leo says it's the best bezel-less phone out there.

The only thing to worry about is if the phone will be supported in the long term. Leo says they will be around for awhile, at least for another two years. With his iPhone 6S Plus rebate of $160, he'll have a very affordable phone.