How can I cut the cable?

Episode 1440 (2:02:21)

Jonathan from Palmdale, CA
Google Chromecast

Jonathan also wants to cut the cable because he's been paying $200 a month for TV service. That's outrageous. Leo agrees and if he can put up a TV antenna and get his local TV broadcasts, then he can stream the rest online. He should check out to see if he can get over-the-air broadcasts in his area.

Some local TV stations will allow him to stream their live signal, but only with his laptop or mobile device. There's a way around that through DLNA or AirPlay, though. Jonathan can use the Google Chromecast for $35 and cast it to his TV. Roku has a huge database of channels at

YouTube TV is a good one for $35 per month, and he'd get a lot of great live tv channels including local stations.

Jonathan is also looking to get a new Smart TV. Leo doesn't like Smart TVs. He'd rather have a "dumb tv" and use Roku because they keep their OS up to date. The one way to do a Smart TV is to get a model that uses Roku. TCL is one. They're also very competitive.