Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1440 (2:09:44)

Dick DeBartolo

This weeks' gadget lets you pour wine out of a wine bottle without uncorking it, keeping it safe from oxidation. The device is called Coravin it uses a "pouring needle" to access the wine without cork damage. Remove the needle and the cork reseals itself and continues protecting the wine. Argon gas, an inert gas used in the wine-making process, protects the remaining wine from oxidation. Coravin fits on a variety of sized standard wine bottles, and they even made an adapter for screw-on caps. There many designs and systems available starting at $199.99. After you use the included Argon cartridge(s), new ones average about $4 to $6 each and are good for up to “15 Pours”.

- Watch the Giz Wiz Video (YouTube)
- Company Website (coravin.com)