What's the future of DVD and USB drives?

Episode 1439 (2:15:56)

Carey from Fullerton, CA
USB thumb drive and DVD

Carey wants to know what the future holds for DVDs and thumb drives. Leo says that DVDs are going away as people are preferring to stream more than playing them on optical drives. But Leo says that USB is going to be around for quite awhile.

How can he backup without a DVD? Leo says that DVDs have been proven to not last. They can fail without warning because the dyes fade or the reflective mylar that reflects the laser can oxidize and chip away. The best backup option is an SSD that he can download to. Then when the next best thing comes along, he can transition to that. Do external hard drives have a future? Leo says SSDs will for a good long time. The best backup, however, is in the cloud.