How can I update my iPhone without wireless?

Episode 1439 (2:08:12)

Howard from Mission Viejo, CA
Apple iPhone X

Howard just got an iPhone X and he had to restore his iPhone 4 data to it. Leo says the fastest way to do that is to plug it into iTunes, back it up, and then restore to his new phone. It should take about 5 to 10 minutes. But his problem is that his network is wired and he can't get updates because it's Wi-Fi only. Is that true? Leo says not really. He can connect to iTunes, download the updates, and install them.

For Over-the-Air updating, he would need Wi-Fi. He can get an inexpensive router for that. He should check out The NetGear R7000P is their favorite. Their runner-up is the Asus RT-AC3200. He shouldn't spend more than $100.