How can I get my pictures back after deleting them on my phone?

Episode 1439 (14:00)

Mark from Michigan
Samsung Galaxy S5

Mark's mom accidentally deleted all the images on her Samsung Galaxy S5. They were able to get photos back with "Disk Digger," but what about the videos? Is there any way to get them back?

Leo says he first should take the microSD card out of the phone immediately. Then plug it into the PC and use recovery software to get it back. Leo advises using Recuva by Piriform. That will search the microSD card like a hard drive and seek to recover any deleted files on it. He won't need anything for Android at all. Hopefully, if he didn't damage or overwrite the files, he'll be able to get them back. If he used the wrong app, however, it could overwrite the files trying to recover them, which would be abnormal. But if it has happened, and Recuva says they aren't recoverable, then he's out of luck, unfortunately. Before giving up, he should try using another app called PC Inspector. If it determines it's unrecoverable, it definitely is.

This is why he needs to have his images backed up. Because stuff like this will happen.