How can I extend the range of my Wi-Fi?

Episode 1439 (1:53:28)

Herwin from Jamaica
TP-Link Powerline Networking

Herwin wants to extend his Wi-Fi access throughout his house. How can he do that? Leo says he can use a Wi-Fi extender, but it's half as fast as the router itself because it's talking to the router half the time. Powerline Networking could work. It can be slow depending on the wiring, but it's worth a try. Leo recommends TP-Link.

Leo is really into mesh routers now because he can plug them into each room and it creates a mesh connection that is really fast. The downside is that they are expensive, however. Also, if he has a lot of rebar and wire in his walls, it could block the signal. That's why Leo thinks that Herman's best bet is powerline networking. MoCA is the cable version, which uses the coax cable that's in his walls from cable.