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Watch Mark from Michigan Comments

Mark's mom accidentally deleted all the images on her Samsung Galaxy S5. They were able to get photos back with "Disk Digger," but what about the videos? Is there any way to get them back?

Leo says he first should take the microSD card out of the phone immediately. Then plug it into the PC and use recovery software to get it back. Leo advises using Recuva by Piriform. That will search the microSD card like a hard drive and seek to recover any deleted files on it. He won't need anything for Android at all. Hopefully, if he didn't damage or overwrite the files, he'll be able to get them back. If he used the wrong app, however, it could overwrite the files trying to recover them, which would be abnormal. But if it has happened, and Recuva says they aren't recoverable, then he's out of luck, unfortunately. Before giving up, he should try using another app called PC Inspector. If it determines it's unrecoverable, it definitely is.

This is why he needs to have his images backed up. Because stuff like this will happen.

Watch Bunny from Land O' Lakes, FL Comments

Bunny's daughter is an engineer who got a new laptop for work. She's having issues reading and creating PDFs for her job. She gets options for various paper sizes except the standard size used by architects. How can she create those? Leo says that may be a custom size that she'll need to purchase in order to use it. Leo advises trying other PDF software like Bluebeam and PrimoPDF. There's quite a few.

Another option is to pretend she has the printer she wants to print to by installing the printer drivers. Then just save it to a file.

Watch Dave from Salt Lake City, UT Comments

Dave got an Amazon Echo Show for his mother in law and he wants to know how to call her with his. How can he make calls from one Show to another? Leo says she has to allow it. He also has to be sure both of them are on each other's Show contact list. Dave will need to know the name of her Show. Amazon has a good setup tutorial on how to do Drop Ins here.

She also needs an account. If he bought it for her, it's probably been associated with his account, not hers. So he'll need to de-register it and then register it under her account.

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Watch Dennis from Houston, TX Comments

Dennis has a website and he wants it to be high in the search rankings. How does he do it? Leo says to avoid search engine optimization services that promise high results. Leo says it's snake oil. Google has a site called Google Webmasters, which will teach him how to organically get high rankings through good content that is constantly fresh. He should be wary of anyone who promises too much. If they attempt to game the system, he could get delisted by Google. So he should start with Google Webmasters. There's some good content there to teach him how to do it.

Watch Fred from Anchorage, AL Comments

Fred has an iPhone 6 that's been updated to iOS 11. But when he updated it, he lost his password vault file. Leo says that Apple discontinued support for 32-bit apps in iOS11 and as such, a lot of apps simply broke and stopped working. They won't work unless the developer updates them. Fred will have to contact the app developer and see if they're working on a solution. If it backed up the data to DropBox then he may see it there.

What's a good alternative? Leo suggests LastPass. It will generate passwords and remember them. Then all he'll need is one main password to unlock it. It supports 2 Factor Authentication, too. 1Password and Dashlane are others. All three work on Mac, Windows, and Android as well.

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Watch Herwin from Jamaica Comments

Herwin wants to extend his Wi-Fi access throughout his house. How can he do that? Leo says he can use a Wi-Fi extender, but it's half as fast as the router itself because it's talking to the router half the time. Powerline Networking could work. It can be slow depending on the wiring, but it's worth a try. Leo recommends TP-Link.

Leo is really into mesh routers now because he can plug them into each room and it creates a mesh connection that is really fast. The downside is that they are expensive, however. Also, if he has a lot of rebar and wire in his walls, it could block the signal. That's why Leo thinks that Herman's best bet is powerline networking. MoCA is the cable version, which uses the coax cable that's in his walls from cable.

Watch JP from Belgium Comments

JP just bought a new computer workstation, but Firefox no longer streams live via YouTube. Leo says that it could be that there isn't support for HTML 5 because there's no standard for streaming video. The browser gets to decide what codec to use and Firefox might not support that codec since it may be proprietary. Leo recommends trying Google Chrome.

The chatroom says that JP may have IGPU enabled in his BIOS. Disabling it should free it up. Here's a video on YouTube about it.

Watch Howard from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Howard just got an iPhone X and he had to restore his iPhone 4 data to it. Leo says the fastest way to do that is to plug it into iTunes, back it up, and then restore to his new phone. It should take about 5 to 10 minutes. But his problem is that his network is wired and he can't get updates because it's Wi-Fi only. Is that true? Leo says not really. He can connect to iTunes, download the updates, and install them.

For Over-the-Air updating, he would need Wi-Fi. He can get an inexpensive router for that. He should check out The NetGear R7000P is their favorite. Their runner-up is the Asus RT-AC3200. He shouldn't spend more than $100.

Watch Carey from Fullerton, CA Comments

Carey wants to know what the future holds for DVDs and thumb drives. Leo says that DVDs are going away as people are preferring to stream more than playing them on optical drives. But Leo says that USB is going to be around for quite awhile.

How can he backup without a DVD? Leo says that DVDs have been proven to not last. They can fail without warning because the dyes fade or the reflective mylar that reflects the laser can oxidize and chip away. The best backup option is an SSD that he can download to. Then when the next best thing comes along, he can transition to that. Do external hard drives have a future? Leo says SSDs will for a good long time. The best backup, however, is in the cloud.