What should I get in a new laptop?

Episode 1438 (1:45:55)

Jack from Santa Clarita, CA
Lenovo Yoga 920

Jack is looking to get a new laptop for music recording. Should he buy an i7? Leo says that an i5 is fine, and he should spend the money on a larger SSD and more RAM. 16GB is good. But after that, the performance slows down when using more RAM, and most applications don't even use it. So he should stick with 16GB. He should get a good screen as well.

Should he get Dell, Asus, or HP? Leo says that all three are good, as are Lenovo ThinkPads. He likes the X1 Carbon, Yoga, and the Yoga 920. Does it matter if he uses Kaby Lake processors or not? Leo says the most recent version is good moving forward, but that's not really the main factor now. It's GPU, RAM, and SSD. That's where the performance curve is affected more.