What's a good budget tablet?

Episode 1437 (1:49:13)

Joe from Cheektowaga, NY

Joe's Google Nexus 7 tablet has gotten super slow and he tried rebooting it and it won't boot anymore. He's afraid the flash memory is gone. Leo says it could be. 4-5 years old or more, it may have just died. What tablet should he buy to replace it? Leo says that the Asus Zenpad is a great tablet for the money. And you should pull the trigger quickly because it's a dying category as fewer companies are making them now. Even Google doesn't anymore. Lenovo makes a great high end tablet, but in the low end, they're not that great. Just remember though, for under $200, you're not going to get a great screen, and they'll be cutting corners everywhere to make a profit. And you may not even get security patches.