Should I turn off my phone's background refresh and location services to save battery life?

Episode 1437 (28:48)

Mike from Maine
iOS Privacy Settings

Mike just upgraded to iOS 11.1 and he's wondering if turning off Background App Refresh and Location Services will save battery life. Does it make a difference? Leo says that he would do that for privacy issues rather than battery life. It's a good idea to change it to use his location only when the app is working. Apple would let him decide both by app. Leo does recommend leaving it on for his maps app, though. Apple does a very good job of managing battery life, and in most cases, turning off all those services is a finesse he doesn't need to really hassle with. But from a privacy point of view, it may be worth it to turn off location services.

Mike also doesn't like it that the Roku will play when he's browsing from title to title. Leo says it's annoying and isn't a good user interface feature. Netflix does it to keep you watching, but it seems like it does the opposite. Mike B in the Chatroom suggests looking at this forum on how to turn it off.