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Watch Patrick from Lafayette, IL Comments

Patrick doesn't think the iPhone X is durable enough compared to other Android phones that he says does the same thing. Leo says that the iPhone X feeds into a "tech fetish" because of its style and form over function. But it sure does work great. Leo says that Apple is a fashion company more than a tech company, but he gives credit where credit is due, and the iPhone X is a great phone. Android is more customizable, though, sure. But Android can be less secure. iOS is updated all the time, directly from Apple without any delays from manufacturer or carrier. That's the benefit of getting a phone from one provider.

Watch Larry from Petaluma, CA Comments

Larry's desktop runs Windows 10 and he's planning on putting an SSD in. How does he clone his spinning drive? Leo says that most hard drives have cloning software included that he can download and run. He'll want to make sure it's a sector-by-sector copy. Then Leo recommends keeping the spinning drive as his data drive. Disc 0 will be his "C" drive. Disc 1 is the second partition. He can clone both partitions at once. Then he'll have the partitions kept in place as well.

Todo from EaseUS is a good sector-by-sector cloning app.

Watch Mike from Maine Comments

Mike just upgraded to iOS 11.1 and he's wondering if turning off Background App Refresh and Location Services will save battery life. Does it make a difference? Leo says that he would do that for privacy issues rather than battery life. It's a good idea to change it to use his location only when the app is working. Apple would let him decide both by app. Leo does recommend leaving it on for his maps app, though. Apple does a very good job of managing battery life, and in most cases, turning off all those services is a finesse he doesn't need to really hassle with. But from a privacy point of view, it may be worth it to turn off location services.

Mike also doesn't like it that the Roku will play when he's browsing from title to title. Leo says it's annoying and isn't a good user interface feature. Netflix does it to keep you watching, but it seems like it does the opposite. Mike B in the Chatroom suggests looking at this forum on how to turn it off.

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Watch Kurt from Oshkosh, WI Comments

Kurt just joined Facebook. Leo says it's a love hate relationship. You can reconnect with friends and family, but it's an annoying time suck. But Kurt is getting pushed by Facebook to post an image on his profile. Leo says that Facebook is doing that because they are trying to stop fake accounts. So he uploaded one and now he can't log in! Leo says that Facebook takes the time to verify users before they can re-login. It could take up to 72 hours. Facebook has an explanation of this on here.

Leo says to be careful what permissions he gives to Facebook. He should be reluctant if he gets requests for Face ID or his social.

Watch Howard from Mission Viejo, CA Comments

Howard is going to get an iPhone X, but can he get an unlocked one? Leo says not yet. Apple will eventually do that, but if he buys the Verizon version, a SIM from any carrier will work because they have all the radios and Verizon is under an order from the federal government to unlock all phone's LTE SIMs. It's not exactly an unlocked phone per se, but it works like one.

He should check out iMore's article: "Here's now to buy an iPhone X that's unlocked."

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Watch Terrell from WhiteHouse, Tennessee Comments

Terrell is blind and there's a cool 15,000 mAh that beeps to let you know how much charge is left. Very accessible. Leo says that's a great feature. It's available at

Watch Omar from La Mirada, CA Comments

Omar keeps getting spam calls and he can't block them because they keep spoofing the number. Leo says it's called Neighbor Spoofing because they use a number that sounds like it comes from his neighborhood. It's illegal, but good luck trying to catch them. The problem is that spoofing a phone number is very easy. The caller ID is useless. And there's no real way to block them. He can at least complain to YouTube and they will pull his channel down since he's breaking the law by posting recordings of the calls.

Watch Tom from Riverside, CA Comments

Tom's granddaughter is interested in photography and video editing. What software should she start out with? Leo says that Adobe's Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements are an ideal place to start because they are both under $100 each and the system requirements aren't that much. She's also going with a Canon T6i DSLR, and Leo says that's a great first camera. Does she need a new computer? Leo says if the computer was made in the last few years, probably not. Leo recommends getting plenty of RAM though.

Another program worth looking into is MacPhun's Luminar. It's easy to use, but it's got hefty features including a filter based interface to start out. It's currently on sale for $59. Affinity Photo is another.

Watch Joe from Cheektowaga, NY Comments

Joe's Google Nexus 7 tablet has gotten super slow and he tried rebooting it and it won't boot anymore. He's afraid the flash memory is gone. Leo says it could be. 4-5 years old or more, it may have just died. What tablet should he buy to replace it? Leo says that the Asus Zenpad is a great tablet for the money. And you should pull the trigger quickly because it's a dying category as fewer companies are making them now. Even Google doesn't anymore. Lenovo makes a great high end tablet, but in the low end, they're not that great. Just remember though, for under $200, you're not going to get a great screen, and they'll be cutting corners everywhere to make a profit. And you may not even get security patches.

Watch John from Long Island, NY Comments

Joe is frustrated with replacement iPhones because they keep failing with the dreaded touch screen disease. So he bought a brand new one for navigating his DJI drone. How does it restore the old apps? Leo says it doesn't. It always goes out and gets the newer version. If he prefers the older version, he may be out of luck. But he doesn't want a SIM card for it. Leo says to use his own SIM card to activate the phone. Then pop it back out and it should stay activated.

Watch Carlos from San Vicente, CA Comments

Carlos wants to know about biometric behavioral passwords. Leo says that the idea has been around for awhile. Google uses gate analysis to know if you're the one holding the phone. It could be the future.

Watch Todd from New Jersey Comments

Todd just got the iPhone X. He likes it. He doesn't even notice "the notch." Leo says you don't really notice it until you see a page that has a white background. Then it pops. And there are some apps that have to be updated to make room for it. David thinks there may be a bug though. When the screen is unlocked, the ring isn't very loud when he gets a call. Leo says that's probably a feature since he's already looking at the phone. So why would he need a loud ring?