Why can't I update Windows 10?

Episode 1436 (1:05:37)

David from Texas
Windows 10

David wants to know if he has the latest Windows update. Leo says that the Windows 10 Fall Creators update is the latest — vs. 1709. David also says that while updating, he runs into a problem and has to manually remove the update, downgrade, and backup his PC. He can't delete the Fall Creators update. Leo says that the problem is that there's 32 bit software that is blocking the update. The Fall Creator's update won't work with anything 32 bit. It's odd that Microsoft enabled it. He'll have to remove it and it may be that he'll need to get a removal tool from the software company to get rid of any lingering drivers. If he can't get a removal tool, it's hard to uninstall a driver that's running. Leo says it'd probably be easier to boot into safe mode and then uninstall it manually. He should look into his CD/DVD devices and remove them.