Should I update my iPhone to iOS 11?

Episode 1436 (1:24:35)

Byron from Minnesota
Apple iPhone 6S Plus

Byron has the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 6S Plus. He wants to know if he'll have issues upgrading his 6S Plus to iOS 11. Leo says that there's been complaints about loss of battery life updating to iOS 11. Even Leo's wife has noticed that on her 6S Plus. Leo says that they've also put out a few patches to fix issues that crop up. He always recommends waiting at least until the third patch after a new operating system comes out. Since iOS 11.1 is the current, it's OK to go ahead and update. He should always wait a few weeks before upgrading his OS, just in case there's bugs that need to be fixed, and then they have to fix the stuff they broke trying to fix it. So it's wise to wait through a few updates first.