How can I expand the partition on my hard drive?

Episode 1435 (1:43:28)

Daryl from New Jersey

Daryl has the Pixel 2 XL and he's never experienced any of the problems that people are complaining about. Leo says that those who are just may have a bad batch of phones. It's good to hear that others aren't running into those issues.

Daryl bought an SSD to replace a spinning drive. It's really fast, but when he cloned the hard drive, there's 200GB missing. Leo says that some cloning software will just create a size for size copy and actually make it smaller. He can change the size back to the larger one, though. He just has to press Windows Key + X, then go to System Management > Drive/Storage Options > Expand Your Partition. There's a good partition manager that will expand the partition non-destructively.