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Watch Craig from Frederick, MD Comments

Craig bought the Google Pixel 2 XL directly from Google. He hasn't experienced the burn-in issue, nor does he have to deal with the so-called "blotchiness" on a white background. He only got it with the Microsoft screensaver launcher.

Leo says that some of the imperfections may not be noticed by most users because they aren't as into it and aren't looking for those imperfections. Leo says the burn-in is very slight, and he doesn't even know if it would bother him or not. He's more interested in the security advantages of the Pixel 2 XL and he hopes that Google can find a fix. Meanwhile, they've extended the warranty to two years.

Watch Chip from Cherry Hill, NJ Comments

Chip listens to iHeartRadio on an internet radio called the Logitech Squeezebox. He's recently lost a lot of stations after an update, though. Leo has a hunch that many of those stations simply dropped out of streaming because of the cost of bandwidth for every single listener who is tuning in. It's a completely different model than broadcast because there's a hard cost. Its more like magazine publishing. But it could also be that iHeartRadio could be blocking the station.

The chatroom says to try OOTunes Radio. It's a newer radio app for iOS that seems to get a lot more stations than most apps. But how long that will last is anyone's guess.

Watch George from Santa Monica, CA Comments

George accidentally washed and dried his Sony radio, and it still worked afterwards! He says that good products that are made well need to be recognized. Leo points out that it isn't recommended use for that radio and Sony doesn't guarantee that it will work after a wash cycle. It's good that George dried the device before he used it. Water in a device isn't necessarily going to harm it, unless it gets powered and then short circuits. So it's key to fully dry the device out before turning it back on.

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Watch Brian from Nashville, TN Comments

Brian tried to go online to buy the Apple iPhone X and he noticed that Apple closed the store before it went on sale to get ready. Leo says they do that, but it's really absurd with modern website technology. It's just hype. He was able to get in and preorder and he's getting it Friday. Leo's jealous. Brian is going to miss the home button though.

Watch Brian from Nashville, TN Comments

Brian says that he's having issues with his internet connected door lock. It's connected to a ZigBee hub, and it's only 11 feet away from the door lock and the hub is hardwired to the router. The company's support told him he'll need to get a repeater. Leo says there are routers coming out now that have Zigbee built-in, which could be one solution to these problems. Ultimately the real solution is that these things won't be using ZigBee or Z-Wave, the devices will be talking to the Google Hub or Apple HomeKit. Leo also says that the lock probably works with the Echo, and there's a skill for it.

Watch Robert from Mira Mesa, CA Comments

Robert wants a voice assistant that has the best artificial intelligence. He wants to be able to ask it a variety of different questions about the news. Leo says the Google Home is the winner in that category, but the Amazon Echo is the only device that lets you shop on Amazon. Amazon is also very good with music, and simple commands like setting a timer, and home automation tasks. There's also more than 50,000 third party skills on the Echo. The problem is that it's hard to find skills, and then he'd have to learn the specific syntax to use that skill. If he wants an assistant that's more human-like, Google is easily the best of the two. Leo says Robert's solution may be to have both. That can be complicated though to remember which device to ask for various things.

Leo's favorite Echo device is the Echo Show, because it has a 7" screen built-in. This means it can display photo albums, the view from cameras Robert may have set up, and it would allow him to tap on the screen to complete tasks that he asked about. It also has pretty decent speakers. Amazon and Google both have cheaper devices he could experiment with first as well.

Watch Mark from Vienna, VA Comments

Mark's wife got a mobile phone through Verizon and he had it unlocked to use with an MVNO carrier, but it doesn't work. Leo says that it could be due to radio frequency issues. Leo says that unlocking doesn't guarantee that he'll be able to use the phone anywhere. But it's the first step. That's why everyone is going to LTE. That will smooth out the system and make it easier to transfer from one carrier to another.

Mark also can't access his voicemail because it thinks he's still on Verizon. Leo says that's a porting issue and he'll need to contact his new carrier and tell them he's moved from Verizon, and he'll need the proper settings for voicemail and data. He could also try rooting his phone. Mark should go to XDA Developers and look up the instructions for his EXACT model of phone. Then he should follow the instructions to the letter. This could not only help solve the issue, but it will open up a host of new options to him.

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Watch Pat from Louisiana Comments

Pat's son has an old iPod and it not only saved his life when he was hit with shrapnel in the Army, but it kept working. Leo says wow. That's impressive. Leo says those old iPods were built like a tank.

Photo taken by Stahlkocher (Own work) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0, GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Watch Daryl from New Jersey Comments

Daryl has the Pixel 2 XL and he's never experienced any of the problems that people are complaining about. Leo says that those who are just may have a bad batch of phones. It's good to hear that others aren't running into those issues.

Daryl bought an SSD to replace a spinning drive. It's really fast, but when he cloned the hard drive, there's 200GB missing. Leo says that some cloning software will just create a size for size copy and actually make it smaller. He can change the size back to the larger one, though. He just has to press Windows Key + X, then go to System Management > Drive/Storage Options > Expand Your Partition. There's a good partition manager that will expand the partition non-destructively.

Watch Mike from Norwich, CT Comments

Mike has a 1 TB thumb drive that shows up as a 2 TB drive. Leo says it could have been mislabeled. He should look in his disk management console. He can get there by right clicking on the Start menu, and selecting disk management. It will give him a more accurate indication of the size. If it's 2TB, then it was mislabeled. Also, since Mike bought it off eBay, it's something to be careful with. Can he use it to copy another hard drive? Leo says sure. He should try DriveImage XML to do it.

Other Imaging options include:

Watch Qingnan from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Qingnan is looking to get a Windows Surface Book. Leo had one and he thought it was an interesting design, but it fell short on performance. The second version is about to drop and it's supposed to be better, though. Qingnan is confused though with the processor designation — it has two different processors claiming it's the 8th generation. Leo says that's marketing and often times that can be confusing.

Leo recommends going to AnandTech and looking at their reviews to know which processors and which Surface Book 2 is going to be the best. Leo also says it doesn't pay to put an i7 in a laptop because it can be limited by thermal constraints and it won't run at full speed as a result. He should use that extra money to get a better graphics chip, more RAM, or a larger hard drive.

Watch Sharise from Lancaster, CA Comments

Sharise wanted to get the Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition because she wouldn't be able to trade in her Note 4 for the Note 8. She kept calling, and Samsung exchanged her older Note 4 so she got half off the Galaxy Note 8. Leo says it's a great phone, but Sharise wanted the blue color. Leo says to get a blue case like an Otterbox on it, and she's all set. Though Leo likes the Spigen Clear Case so it can show through. Samsung has gone a long way to making the Note 7 debacle right.