How does 2 factor work if you're using Find My iPhone?

Episode 1434 (1:49:26)

Tom from Florida
Find My iPhone

Tom wants to know how Apple's 2 Factor Authentication works with Find My Phone. When he logs into iCloud to look for his phone, it'll send his 2 Factor Authenticator to his phone. But how can he find his phone that way? Leo says that Apple does 2 Factor different from everyone else. If he has another Apple device like an iMac or iPad, then he could do it. It'll send the code to all of his Apple devices. Not just the iPhone. He can also use trusted phone numbers and enroll a landline or his wife's phone that they will call and give him the number audibly.

He can do all of this at Under Security, he can add more phone numbers. He can also turn off 2 Factor there if he needs to. Apple has more information on this at