How can I extend the range of my wireless sprinkler system?

Episode 1434 (37:28)

John from Carlsbad, CA
TP-Link AV2000 Powerline Adapter Kit

John is a landscape contractor and he's making the transition to Wi-Fi controlled sprinkler systems for his clients, but there are some locations where the Wi-Fi is just too weak to connect. Is there a booster device he can use? Leo says that he can do that, but he'd need boosters for both directions.

A wired range extender could also work. He'll want to go wired because of the walls that are blocking the Wi-Fi signal. He could put a wire through the wall to the router and then have the extender send out the Wi-Fi signal from outside. Powerline networking may also actually work. It'll be slower but in this case, speed is not the issue. It would have to be on the same circuit for that to work.