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Watch Joshua from Mira Loma, CA Comments

Joshua has a love-hate relationship with his new iPhone. It's freezing up a lot. iOS11 also has a glitchy screen, too. Leo suspects that it's a Lemon and since it's within about 3 weeks, he should be able to get a new one. Leo says there's some good features in it and if he brings it back to the store, they should be able to swap it out. It's definitely a lemon. That's all behavior that isn't normal. Battery life isn't as good as the iPhone 7, but not as bad as Joshua is complaining about.

Watch John from Carlsbad, CA Comments

John is a landscape contractor and he's making the transition to Wi-Fi controlled sprinkler systems for his clients, but there are some locations where the Wi-Fi is just too weak to connect. Is there a booster device he can use? Leo says that he can do that, but he'd need boosters for both directions.

A wired range extender could also work. He'll want to go wired because of the walls that are blocking the Wi-Fi signal. He could put a wire through the wall to the router and then have the extender send out the Wi-Fi signal from outside. Powerline networking may also actually work. It'll be slower but in this case, speed is not the issue. It would have to be on the same circuit for that to work.

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Watch Henry from Garden Grove, CA Comments

Henry's computer recently had a hard drive failure. After a few tries, it started up again. Leo says that the hard drive is dying and he should backup that data immediately before he turns it off again and then replace the hard drive. He should also check the cables and reseat them. Maybe they came loose.

Should he just buy a new computer? Leo says that's not really necessary unless he was planning on it anyway. Replacing hard drives is cheap. Should he go with a solid state drive? Leo says absolutely. Then he should see if he can use the old drive as a data drive. Does he need a special program to copy off the data? Leo says not really. He can just drag and drop.

Watch Dana from Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Comments

Dana has an iPhone 7 that's been updated to iOS 11, but the phone will not sync and display his contacts, so he can't use his car to make a call. Both Honda and Apple are blaming each other. Leo says this is a common problem with Apple/Honda owners. Nobody seems to have solved it, they're just complaining about it. One would hope that Apple would fix it in a future update. Honda isn't going to update their firmware.

Watch Bob from San Diego, CA Comments

Dana is having issues with his calendar after updating to iOS 11. Leo says that Apple's quality control has lapsed so much that they're shipping iOS with obvious issues and he's just going to have to wait until Apple gets around to fixing it in an update. Leo also recommends abandoning the Apple Calendar altogether and using Google Calendar. It's got all the features as Apple Calendar.

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Watch Jerry from Pennsylvania Comments

Jerry says that the old "can-tenna" hack, where you focus the Wi-Fi signal through a pringles can could help getting better Wi-Fi coverage. Leo says that's not going to punch a digital hole through a concrete and rebar wall. It also would only work one way. It's a fun project, but not really ideal for practical use. Is there a radio app that gets the tech guy show? Leo recommends iHeartRadio on iOS or Android.

Watch Tom from Florida Comments

Tom wants to know how Apple's 2 Factor Authentication works with Find My Phone. When he logs into iCloud to look for his phone, it'll send his 2 Factor Authenticator to his phone. But how can he find his phone that way? Leo says that Apple does 2 Factor different from everyone else. If he has another Apple device like an iMac or iPad, then he could do it. It'll send the code to all of his Apple devices. Not just the iPhone. He can also use trusted phone numbers and enroll a landline or his wife's phone that they will call and give him the number audibly.

He can do all of this at Under Security, he can add more phone numbers. He can also turn off 2 Factor there if he needs to. Apple has more information on this at

Watch Jim from Charleston, WV Comments

Jim was having an issue with a blue line on the bottom of his Vizio and they shipped out a replacement TV with professional installation to replace the TV. It was a great customer service experience. Leo says that's a fantastic thing that rarely happens these days. Margins have shrunk so drastically that we lose that kind of support service. Vizio also has a really good product, so they're standing behind it.

Watch Richard from Poway, CA Comments

Richard really likes his phone, but the battery is starting to run out and Verizon says that since the battery is built-in, it can't be replaced. He'll have to replace the whole phone. Leo says that drives him nuts. Richard has a perfectly good phone that he likes, but he has to go to the extra expense of upgrading a phone and throw his old one away. What phone should he get now? Leo says that Google's Pixel 2 XL is exclusive to Verizon and it's a great phone. It runs pure Android. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is another great option, with a great screen.

Watch Kevin from Panorama City, CA Comments

Kevin has a home recording studio for music and needs a new computer. Leo says that most music studios use Pro Tools. Kevin uses FL Studio, though. Leo says Macs are widely used in studios, but thanks to FL Studio and other programs like it, Windows machines are gaining ground. It really doesn't matter. It comes down to the software he uses. With FL Studio, any high end PC will do nicely. Leo likes Dell.