Why won't my Blu-ray player work?

Episode 1433 (2:07:21)

Jim from Pennsylvania
Samsung Blu-ray player

Jim had an internet outage and now his Samsung Blu-ray player won't play due to copy protection. Leo says that's because that Blu-ray player is connected to the internet for copy protection to make sure it's not playing a pirated DVD. There's a tech note about that on Linksys' site here. It first appeared seven years ago and it keeps rearing it's ugly head every time there's an outage. Leo also suspects that the Samsung Blu-ray player doesn't use a standard HTTP port. Leo suspects that the Blu-ray player's firmware has become corrupt. He could perhaps force a firmware update using the same firmware so that it will overwrite it. If it's a hardware issue, only Samsung can fix it. And it's probably just cheaper to buy a new one.