Why don't my AirPods work with the Apple TV?

Episode 1433 (1:03:25)

Tom from New Hampshire

Tom uses his AirPods with his AppleTV and after a recent tvOS update, he has no volume. He called AppleCare and they said he shouldn't have that capability in the first place. But Tom says it worked just fine until the tvOS update. Leo says it sounds like Apple broke the connection in the update. That's terrible. It may be that he'll just have to re-pair them to the Apple TV. He should try another set of Bluetooth headphones or a speaker as well. If that works, then it should work with the AirPods since they use the same Bluetooth standard. If he has an Apple Store nearby, he should go talk to a Genius. That's really the best option. Leo also says he should see if there's a firmware update to the AirPods. The last update was in May and it should pair his AirPods automatically. That's probably where the problem really is. It's not the Apple TV.