Amazon Echo or Google Home?

Episode 1433 (1:42:58)

Nancy from Tarzana, CA
Amazon Echo Show

Nancy has an Android phone, her kids have iPhone. Which assistant should she get, Amazon Echo or Google Home? Leo says it doesn't really matter, but for Nancy, using the Google Home would be similar to Android's voice assistant. The Echo has been out for a few years now and it's a mature system, whereas Google Home just came out not long ago. Google Home is better for facts because of its search knowledge. Amazon Echo is better for home automation. It works well with a variety of Internet of Things devices. Google Home isn't quite there yet with Internet of Things. Both will allow her to make phone calls, though. Echo has an intercom feature to talk from Echo to Echo. Both are good at music. Google Home can trigger Chromecast and cast streams to the TV. Echo can also let her buy stuff. It really comes down to what she's looking for it to do.

Apple is going to come out with the HomePod with Siri, but it's going to be more for music than home automation. It's also going to be really expensive. High end audiophiles will like it.