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Watch Brad from San Clemente, CA Comments

Brad is getting a new modem with his cable internet provider. Leo suggests buying his own DOCSIS 3 modem. Leo likes the Arris Surfboard. He'll save $10 a month in modem rental fees and it'll make his internet run much faster. He should go to his cable internet provider's website and see what new routers they support. Leo also says he'll need to demand they put him on the DOCSIS 3 switch. If he's been given a new modem, but he's on the same old lane, he's not going to get any faster than he was before. So he should tell them he expects to be "provisioned" for DOCSIS 3.

Brad also has an old Kyocera Android phone and it takes 20 seconds to send a text. Leo says it's probably due to be updated. It was probably Android 6 and we're up to 8 now. If that doesn't work, he should backup all of his data and reinstall the operating system by selecting device factory reset. But since it's a few years old, it'll never be as fast as the current state of the art.

Watch Paul from San Diego, CA Comments

Paul wants to start podcasting and he heard about the MicMe, which would let him record through his iPhone. Leo says that it does an interesting thing. It records to the mic first and then uploads it to the phone. It's also not cheap at $500.

Leo says he can probably do better with a lapel mic that goes into the phone. The Rode SmartLav is a good option. Paul needs a wireless one, though. The Movo Wireless Microphone System is pretty good at $180.

Rode makes a good wireless mic also, but it's $400.

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Watch Bret from Temecula, CA Comments

Bret recently bought the Microsoft Surface Pro, which he hopes will replace his laptop. But he's found that on the tablet side of the equation, he doesn't see many apps at all, especially Words with Friends. Leo says that's not exactly accurate. There may be few apps in the Windows Store, but he can get Windows apps all over the place. However, the apps he's used may not have made a Surface app yet. Will Bluestacks work for running Android apps? Leo says that's the idea, but it doesn't really work. Duos is even worse. Leo advises googling "Windows 10, Scrabble" and he could find a mobile version that way. Hasbro may even make one.

Bret also wanted to connect two Bluetooth Bose headphones to his Surface Pro. The Bose app allows for connecting two Bose Bluetooth headsets to one device using that app, but it's only for iOS and Android. Leo says that is a workaround, or a hack at best. Leo also says that the Surface Pro really isn't a tablet in the strictest sense. It's more of a convertible laptop with a touch interface. A 2-in-1 may be a better option. Leo likes the Lenovo Yoga X1. Then he can get a cheap iPad to do the tablet chores. Or he can just use his smartphone. Leo also recommends using a wired headphone splitter with wired headphones. That's more analog, but it's sure a lot easier.

Watch Tom from New Hampshire Comments

Tom uses his AirPods with his AppleTV and after a recent tvOS update, he has no volume. He called AppleCare and they said he shouldn't have that capability in the first place. But Tom says it worked just fine until the tvOS update. Leo says it sounds like Apple broke the connection in the update. That's terrible. It may be that he'll just have to re-pair them to the Apple TV. He should try another set of Bluetooth headphones or a speaker as well. If that works, then it should work with the AirPods since they use the same Bluetooth standard. If he has an Apple Store nearby, he should go talk to a Genius. That's really the best option. Leo also says he should see if there's a firmware update to the AirPods. The last update was in May and it should pair his AirPods automatically. That's probably where the problem really is. It's not the Apple TV.

Watch Tom from New Hampshire Comments

Tom wants to know where he can find a YubiKey, and whether or not it's accessible for the blind. Leo says they are accessible, and he can get it at This is a little USB device that plugs into a USB port, and the computer sees it as a keyboard. The YubiKey will light up, and then press the button on the key. Just make sure the cursor is in the correct field that it will need to fill, and it will fill in the password. This doesn't work for an iPhone, however, because it doesn't have a USB port. For that, he would need something from Vasco called the DigiPass. The only issue is, Leo isn't sure what on the iPhone would use that.

He can find out what LastPass supports by going into his Vault, and clicking on account settings. He'll see a "multifactor options" tab that will have all of the multifactor devices that work with it. Leo recommends Duo Security. This will send a notification to his phone whenever he logs into LastPass, and he just has to tap "yes" to confirm that it's him.

Watch Aaron from Massachusetts Comments

Aaron has issues with his laptop going to sleep all the time. Leo suggested wiping the drive and starting over because Windows makes decisions about power management during installation and if it gets it wrong, he's stuck. Aaron tried that and now it won't shut down completely. Leo suggests booting into Linux Ubuntu from a USB key to check if the power down happens. He'll need Rufus to do that and make it bootable. If it does, then he'll know it's his Windows Software installation and he'll need to do it again or run Windows' repair installation utility. If he presses the Windows Key, and types disc cleanup, it'll clear out old system files.

The chatroom adds that shutting down with hibernation can also cause this. So Aaron should turn off Fast Startup in the startup settings. HowtoGeek has an article on how to do this. He should also update his motherboard drivers. That could also fix it.

Aaron is also getting Time Capsule and is wondering if he should incorporate it into his network. Leo says that Apple has gotten out of the router business and they're not updating Time Capsule anymore. He should just use it as a backup drive.

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Watch Nancy from Tarzana, CA Comments

Nancy has an Android phone, her kids have iPhone. Which assistant should she get, Amazon Echo or Google Home? Leo says it doesn't really matter, but for Nancy, using the Google Home would be similar to Android's voice assistant. The Echo has been out for a few years now and it's a mature system, whereas Google Home just came out not long ago. Google Home is better for facts because of its search knowledge. Amazon Echo is better for home automation. It works well with a variety of Internet of Things devices. Google Home isn't quite there yet with Internet of Things. Both will allow her to make phone calls, though. Echo has an intercom feature to talk from Echo to Echo. Both are good at music. Google Home can trigger Chromecast and cast streams to the TV. Echo can also let her buy stuff. It really comes down to what she's looking for it to do.

Apple is going to come out with the HomePod with Siri, but it's going to be more for music than home automation. It's also going to be really expensive. High end audiophiles will like it.

Watch Ron from Brea, CA Comments

Ron likes to listen to Leo's show on Sunday, but it gets preempted often for football. Leo says he can use iHeartRadio and listen to the live stream there. Leo says he can also use a Bluetooth speaker so he doesn't have to wear headphones. Or, he can replace his regular radio with an internet radio. They work just like a normal radio but they tune in stations over the internet. He can also program them with Reciva. CCrane makes a good one. There's also Ocean Digital. There's a bunch of them on Amazon. He can even use an Amazon Echo as his internet radio.

Watch Jim from Pennsylvania Comments

Jim had an internet outage and now his Samsung Blu-ray player won't play due to copy protection. Leo says that's because that Blu-ray player is connected to the internet for copy protection to make sure it's not playing a pirated DVD. There's a tech note about that on Linksys' site here. It first appeared seven years ago and it keeps rearing it's ugly head every time there's an outage. Leo also suspects that the Samsung Blu-ray player doesn't use a standard HTTP port. Leo suspects that the Blu-ray player's firmware has become corrupt. He could perhaps force a firmware update using the same firmware so that it will overwrite it. If it's a hardware issue, only Samsung can fix it. And it's probably just cheaper to buy a new one.

Watch Vic from San Diego, CA Comments

Vic is bombarded by email addresses that an email can't be delivered. Leo says that Vic's email has been "spoofed" by spammers and that they have been using his in the From address line. The bad news is that there's really nothing he can do about it. The good news is, it usually stops shortly as they move on to another email address to spoof. He can set up a filter to send those emails to the trash and never see them, though. He should use "Mailer Daemon" as the criteria. That's usually what sends the bounced spam message. For Gmail, he should click on the gear and then settings. Select filters. He can add it there.