How can I protect my kids online?

Episode 1432 (1:41:01)

Ron from Mountain View, CA
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Ron got his granddaughter a Google Tablet and his parents want him to set it up with parental controls. Leo says that there's built-in settings for Google Play. He could also restrict it at the router level using OpenDNS and the router's own settings. This won't help when the phone is taken outside of the home network, however, so here are some options that can run on the phone itself:

PCMag has a ranking of the best parental software options here. There's always the cellphone loophole that will give them broader access. Leo believes that setting all this stuff up just gives them motivation to get around it. So he'll have to have a serious discussion with them about online behavior. That way he can keep the lines of communication open. And if he needs to, he can give them a contract to sign that outlines what they can and cannot do online.