How can I control my mp3s in the car?

Episode 1432 (1:58:41)

John from Oxnard, CA
Apple-CarPlay by Sam Churchill

John has a new car and it doesn't have a CD player. It has a USB plug instead, but the music just jumps all around. Leo says that most car makers expect you to keep your music organized and play it from the phone. John's Corvette uses Apple CarPlay so his iPhone will interface with it really easily and he can play all his music via the iOS Music app. He can just tell it to play an album and it will play it. Or he can even tell it to play with no pauses between tracks, shuffle, create playlists, genre, and more. It's wide open in terms of options. He shouldn't use the thumb drive USB option, because it doesn't give him much control. Leo recommends using Media Monkey instead of iTunes to set it all up.

Image "Apple-CarPlay" by Sam Churchill via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)