How can I connect my desktop to my TV?

Episode 1432 (1:27:14)

Zachary from Victorville, CA
Samsung Smart View

Zachary wants to play games and he's connected his desktop to his TV. When he tries to adjust the screen settings, however, none of the settings work. Leo says to try and change the settings before he connects the TV. The TV has a native resolution that is actually lower than the resolution on his desktop. He should check what his TV's native resolution is and then choose that setting that is as close as possible to it. He may also be in mirror mode instead of extended mode. So he should try and change that if he can.

The chatroom suggests going into Windows 10 tablet mode and see if he can make any changes that way. Doctor Mom says that Samsung's SmartView may be enabled and that could be causing handshake issues. Samsung says he'll have to install the Smart View app for Windows in order to use his Samsung Smart TV with Windows.