How can I block robocalls?

Episode 1431 (1:49:34)

Paul from Los Angeles, CA
Call Blocker CPR V5000

Paul is wondering if he can get a machine that could filter out robocalls. Leo says that Google Voice is the best digital option. He would have to use a different number though, or pay a small $10 to $20 fee to have his current number ported over to it. The benefit, though, is that he will get a bunch of new features including call screening, forwarding and more.

Another service is Calls go through their service and RoboCalls don't make it through. A hardware solution is the Call Blocker CPR V5000, with a big red button that says "Block Now." It'll block up to 6500 numbers, including known spam numbers and area codes. It's $90 on Amazon, and works for landlines. Digitone is another option for $80.