Why does my PC go to sleep after a minute?

Episode 1430 (1:43:08)

Aaron from Massachusetts
Windows 10

Aaron wants to know about Windows' Advanced Settings that he can access via Windows Key + X. He's noticed it gives access to Control Panel and Leo says it has several settings to add and take away different features. But Aaron says the recent Windows 10 Creator's Update now puts his PC to sleep after a minute or two. How can find it in the new Control Panel? Leo says to look under the Power and Sleep settings. He went there and set it to 2 hours, but it still goes to sleep after a minute.

Looking in additional power settings, he sees the old power options Control Panel. Could it be there? Leo says that's what bugs him about Microsoft now, they have two versions of everything. It can be annoying and confusing. But Aaron should look in there and set it. Maybe that duality is causing the computer to default to the lower setting.

Aaron should check out this article at ghacks.net about opening Control Panel in Windows 10 Creators Update.

Leo recommends getting the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to create a USB install key. Then he can back up his data, format his hard drive and give it a clean install.