What camera should I buy my daughter?

Episode 1430 (36:50)

George from Hollywood, CA
Nikon D3400 DSLR

George has a teenage daughter who wants a camera to take pictures with. He doesn't really want to give her a DSLR yet, but he doesn't want to get a cheap point and shoot either. He wants something she can use, grow with, and enjoy with him since he shoots with a Nikon. Leo says that the Nikon D3400 is a great option because it's only $500 and it would use the same lenses as his. Then, when he's ready to upgrade, he can pass down his current Nikon to her and they can share the lenses. There would be a crop factor since the D3400 is APS-C, but it's doable.

Leo also likes Olympus Micro 4/3s standard. The OM-D series is fantastic. They're lighter and smaller, but take great pictures.

Doctor Bird is a professional photographer and he recommends Canon because it's just easier to use. He recommends the Canon T6i Rebel Starter Kit at Costco. It's the best entry level out there, at under $500.