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Watch Joe from New Jersey Comments

Joe wants to know about the Tiny Hardware Firewall. Leo says it's a clever solution for those who want to use open Wi-Fi hotspots safely. Tiny Hardware Firewall will give him an additional layer of protection by encrypting all of his Wi-Fi traffic with a virtual private network. Leo adds that it also adds another layer called the Black Hole Cloud service which gives users their own cloud server. This makes it lightning fast. The Tiny Hardware Firewall is about $35, plus a fee for their VPN, which could be about $100 a year. Are there alternatives? Leo says that TunnelBear is a very good service because they don't log activity. It's completely anonymous.

Watch George from Hollywood, CA Comments

George has a teenage daughter who wants a camera to take pictures with. He doesn't really want to give her a DSLR yet, but he doesn't want to get a cheap point and shoot either. He wants something she can use, grow with, and enjoy with him since he shoots with a Nikon. Leo says that the Nikon D3400 is a great option because it's only $500 and it would use the same lenses as his. Then, when he's ready to upgrade, he can pass down his current Nikon to her and they can share the lenses. There would be a crop factor since the D3400 is APS-C, but it's doable.

Leo also likes Olympus Micro 4/3s standard. The OM-D series is fantastic. They're lighter and smaller, but take great pictures.

Doctor Bird is a professional photographer and he recommends Canon because it's just easier to use. He recommends the Canon T6i Rebel Starter Kit at Costco. It's the best entry level out there, at under $500.

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Watch George from Aurora, IL Comments

George wanted to use Square Cash to send friends cash, but it requires his social security number. That's not a great idea and Leo says to refuse giving that out everywhere. Technically, they're not supposed to ask for that, but everyone does. So he should just say no. Leo suggests Venmo. There's also Banks use Zelle. Leo wishes that pay services would just go open crypto, like BitCoin does. You keep the private key, but give away the public key.

Watch Ivan from Farmington, MN Comments

Ivan wants to know what he's giving away when he logs into a site using his Facebook ID. Leo says that's called Single Sign-on, which makes it easier to sign in. Many services, including Google and Twitter also offer it as a convenience. It's a user verification system that doesn't require him to create an account, nor does it give them access to his account. But it gives Facebook, Google, and Twitter access to more information about where he visits. It's safe to use it, but if he's concerned, he can create a dummy account that he'll only use for that purpose.

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Watch Aaron from Massachusetts Comments

Aaron wants to know about Windows' Advanced Settings that he can access via Windows Key + X. He's noticed it gives access to Control Panel and Leo says it has several settings to add and take away different features. But Aaron says the recent Windows 10 Creator's Update now puts his PC to sleep after a minute or two. How can find it in the new Control Panel? Leo says to look under the Power and Sleep settings. He went there and set it to 2 hours, but it still goes to sleep after a minute.

Looking in additional power settings, he sees the old power options Control Panel. Could it be there? Leo says that's what bugs him about Microsoft now, they have two versions of everything. It can be annoying and confusing. But Aaron should look in there and set it. Maybe that duality is causing the computer to default to the lower setting.

Aaron should check out this article at about opening Control Panel in Windows 10 Creators Update.

Leo recommends getting the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool to create a USB install key. Then he can back up his data, format his hard drive and give it a clean install.

Watch Craig from Frederick, MD Comments

Craig has a 15" laptop and he travels a lot, so he's looking for a smaller alternative. He's getting the Pixel 2 XL this week and the Pixelbook is another option. Chromebooks are a good option for travel because they are light, secure, and with the new Android app support, there's a myriad options including Microsoft Word on Android. A better option than Windows for most people.

Watch Doctor Bird from Laguna Nigel, CA Comments

Doctor Bird is a professional photographer and he recommends Canon because it's just easier to use for a beginning photographer. He recommends the Canon T6i Rebel Starter Kit. It's the best entry level out there, and very simple to use.

Watch Tristen from Ohio Comments

Tristen's mother wants to get a camera that she can put outside to see if her dog is barking while she's gone. Leo says that Nest cam is a good option. There's also Lighthouse, which has notifications when it detects certain activity.