How can I transfer photos from my camera to my iPad?

Episode 1429 (1:25:22)

Tim from Long Beach, CA
Apple Camera Connection Kit

Rob is a professional photographer and he wants to use an iPad Pro to capture his images from his camera. Leo says that there are shortcomings here, because the camera connection kit by Apple doesn't really work well, and the iPad can't read RAW files. So he'll have to look at JPEG images. That's why Leo gave up on it. Canon has an iOS app that would enable him to wirelessly transmit photos to his iPad if his camera has wireless capability. It works quite well. The only other option would be to use his Mac and then copy the photos over from there.

Adobe has a Lightroom app that syncs wirelessly as well. Leo has a hunch that Rob may need to get the newer dongle. It may also be that Lexar's camera kit isn't compatible with iOS11.

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