How can I get broadband in a rural area?

Episode 1429 (1:18:13)

Tom from Charlotte, NC
Network cable

Tom works at home, using remote desktop with his clients. He's going to be moving to a rural area and he needs high speed internet. What can he do? Leo says that rural areas are a challenge for high speed internet because there's simply not a lot of people in an area to justify the cost of laying down the wire. Tom should check out to find out what's available in the area he's going. Another site to check out is

His best bet may be a cable company. He can give them the address he's looking at and see if they provide service there. Satellite is an option if he can get a view of the Southern Sky. But he'll have issues with latency, low bandwidth caps, and cost. WildBlue Exede is the best in that regard. DSL really isn't an option for a rural area. Microwave wireless ISPs are an option if he gets a good line of sight connection.