What new Android phone should I buy?

Episode 1428 (36:41)

Stacy from San Pedro, CA
Motorola Moto G5 Plus

Stacy needs to buy a new phone and she needs a minimum of Android 6.0 on her phone. Leo says that the sad thing about Android is that most of the carriers and phone companies don't keep them up to date as often as they should and as a result, anything below Android 6 is just not safe to run.

Leo recommends the Motorola Moto G5 Plus. It's a budget phone with very nice features. It has pure Android 7 Nougat that will be updated to Oreo. Google is also pushing monthly security updates to phones that support it, which Motorola does. It also has good battery life and a very good camera. Leo also recommends going no smaller than 64GB of storage. Can she get a removable battery? Leo says that nobody offers a removable battery anymore because they can make custom batteries for each model and not have to add that housing to hold and remove it. They can be more compact and thin. Leo recommends getting an external battery, like the one from Anker.