What are my options for rural internet access?

Episode 1428 (1:49:22)

Lucas from Santa Barbara, CA
Network cable

Lucas does a lot of video streaming and gaming, but he's moving to a rural area and will have to find new high speed internet. What can he do? Leo says that rural internet access is a real issue here and Leo doesn't believe the FCC cares enough to make it happen. Satellite isn't the answer because it's got terrible latency and bandwidth caps. That being said, the best satellite provider is WildBlue's Exede. It's that or dialup.

Wireless Microwave broadband might be pretty good, but it has to be line of sight. Verizon's unlimited wireless LTE service could be OK, but it will likely be more expensive. LTE is pretty good and Verizon is very fast, but there are bandwidth caps. Even though it's unlimited, Leo recommends reading the fine print. Unlimited doesn't mean unlimited. It may mean he'd get slower speeds after a set cap.