Google Announces Several New Products

Episode 1428 (02:56)

Google Home Mini

This week Google announced a ton of new products, including a new Google Home and a donut sized version of Google Home (called the Mini) that Leo says may be better than Amazon Echo. Though Leo says that Amazon has a huge lead, in the long run, Google may have the advantage. Meanwhile, Amazon did get a shot in the arm this week with the announcement that Sonos will partner with Amazon to bring connectivity of Sonos to the Amazon Echo. But that may be short-lived since Sonos plans to work with Google and Apple as well. Because Google knows so much about us, that means Google knows what we're looking for, and that could be an advantage in producing products we want and desire. Is it a privacy issue? Well, maybe. But Leo says the benefits outweigh the downsides in the long run.

Other products Google announced: Two phones - The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, the Chromebook Pixel ($1,000), and another Google Home version called Google Home Max that aims square at Apple's HomePod.

They did not announce a smart watch, and Google has actually removed the Android Wear watches from the Google store, leaving Leo to conclude that Apple has won the watch war. Google did announce Google Clip, a small stand alone camera with 16GB of memory that clips to things. The idea being to capture your day as you live it. It has artificial intelligence working so it knows when to take pictures and when not to. Then you can download them to your phone. It's $250. Leo says it may be a product looking for a market, but it's interesting.