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Watch Diane from Chicago, IL Comments

Diane's laptop did an automatic update of Windows 10 and she got a Blue Screen of Death. Leo suggests that with her laptop being about five years old, there's a good chance that her hard drive has died. It could also be a motherboard failure or memory failure. But it's definitely a hardware issue. Leo suggests taking it in to IBM as a laptop that old could be at the end of the line. She should find out how much it costs to fix it, and if it's more than a few hundred, it's time to buy a new one.

Watch Stacy from San Pedro, CA Comments

Stacy needs to buy a new phone and she needs a minimum of Android 6.0 on her phone. Leo says that the sad thing about Android is that most of the carriers and phone companies don't keep them up to date as often as they should and as a result, anything below Android 6 is just not safe to run.

Leo recommends the Motorola Moto G5 Plus. It's a budget phone with very nice features. It has pure Android 7 Nougat that will be updated to Oreo. Google is also pushing monthly security updates to phones that support it, which Motorola does. It also has good battery life and a very good camera. Leo also recommends going no smaller than 64GB of storage. Can she get a removable battery? Leo says that nobody offers a removable battery anymore because they can make custom batteries for each model and not have to add that housing to hold and remove it. They can be more compact and thin. Leo recommends getting an external battery, like the one from Anker.

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Watch Mark from Pomona, CA Comments

Mark has a Samsung Note 3 that is full and is starting to act up. Leo says that it was the first that had the external card slot taken out of it. So that's unfortunate. How can he get his pictures off? Leo recommends Google Photos. There's also a setting to delete backed up photos. That will keep the space free on his phone. Then he can get a new Note 8, which has an SD card slot so it'll never happen again.

Watch Brian from Charleston, IN Comments

Brian has several Rasperry Pi computers for a DIY security camera network. Leo says he shouldn't DIY to save money anymore, he should just do it to have fun. Brian had an intruder (a critter) come in last night, and it wasn't lit very well. Leo says he'll want an infrared camera. Motion sensor lights would be a good idea as well. Leo says that half the fun of making is to figure out what's next and how to make it better.

Brian has Hue lights that are internet enabled. Leo says that he'll need a device that can interface with those lights and work as the middle man. It'll then be a line of code in his Raspberry Pi OS that will trigger it. Brian should check out If This Then That. It may have a recipe for that.

Or he can have just regular motion controlled lights that will act independently. That's probably the easiest.

Watch John from Jasper, AL Comments

John has issues with coverage in his home town. Leo says that the irony is that AT&T is considered to have total universal coverage, but that doesn't seem to be the case entirely. Leo says to go to the carrier he's with and ask them for a FemToCel. If they want to keep his business, they'll give him one for free. With it, it will route his calls over the internet for cell service to his phone.

He could also get a phone that has dual SIMs, and OnePlus makes one. Or he can go with Google Fi, which switches carriers depending on what carrier is the best where he's at. It's pay as you go, too. The only drag is that he can only use select Google brand phones and that means buying a new one at full price.

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Watch Vino from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Vino has a problem with his TV not getting the signal from DirecTV. Leo says it sounds like a bad handshake via HDMI. The settings may be wrong. He may have to change out the HDMI cable, though. Vino should also check to see if he has the most recent firmware.

Watch Lucas from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Lucas does a lot of video streaming and gaming, but he's moving to a rural area and will have to find new high speed internet. What can he do? Leo says that rural internet access is a real issue here and Leo doesn't believe the FCC cares enough to make it happen. Satellite isn't the answer because it's got terrible latency and bandwidth caps. That being said, the best satellite provider is WildBlue's Exede. It's that or dialup.

Wireless Microwave broadband might be pretty good, but it has to be line of sight. Verizon's unlimited wireless LTE service could be OK, but it will likely be more expensive. LTE is pretty good and Verizon is very fast, but there are bandwidth caps. Even though it's unlimited, Leo recommends reading the fine print. Unlimited doesn't mean unlimited. It may mean he'd get slower speeds after a set cap.

Watch Michael from Dayton, OH Comments

Michael is looking to buy Google Home, but he wants to know why he needs an app on his phone? Leo says that the hardware that connects to the internet has very good microphones and you control it over your phone to customize it. It also links to the phone to make phone calls. That's what the phone interface is for.

Watch Justin from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Justin is buying a new 5K iMac. How does he migrate his old data into his new machine? Leo says that there is a migration tool built into the iMac to move it over, but if he doesn't want to move all of it, the migration tool will allow him to move just the apps. He should let it do that because it'll do a better job.

Leo says the best way to do it is to just reinstall it all natively, though. That way he won't be moving over the old kruft. He can just go to the App Store and re-download his apps to install them. It's really the best way to do it. Also, with the new macOS High Sierra, a lot of older apps have been broken, so he'll need to download the apps anyway. ArsTechnica has an article on it here.

Leo also advises against getting a Fusion drive. He should go with the SSD. APFS doesn't work with Fusion drives.