Why is my SmarTV browser out of date?

Episode 1427 (1:24:52)

Manny from Florida
LG Blu-ray Player

Manny has an LG 4K TV and Blu-ray player. But when he uses the web browser, he gets a message that it's out of date. Leo says that's not surprising and he doesn't think he can solve that issue since browsers in Blu-ray Players aren't updated all that much. Manny should try using the browser in his SmarTV. It uses WebOS and that's supposed to be update-able. At least it should be updated more often than his Blu-ray.

Manny can also connect his Harmony Hub to his Sonos speaker system and use it as a voice activated system. Leo says that's a great feature that he's going to have to try. Sonos has been lapped by voice control systems like Google Home, Apple's HomePod and Amazon Echo. So being able to use the Hub to clear that bottleneck is a great option. There's a Harmony Hub skill on the Echo too.