Why can't I update Windows 10?

Episode 1427 (2:19:17)

Kyle from San Pedro, CA
Windows 10 Creator's Update

Kyle is having trouble updating Windows 10 to the Spring Creator's Edition on his HP PC. HP has had problems with the Spring Creator's Update and Leo has a hunch the fall update will have similar issues. Leo says not to force the update. Microsoft will only offer the update when the machine is ready to receive it. It locks up after about 35%. Leo says to get it as a stand alone update and update it that way. He should download it directly as a file and install from a thumb drive. If that doesn't work, he can try the latest update from Microsoft with the media creation tool. He should try re-partitioning the drive into a single drive first, and then install Windows 10 from the Microsoft downloaded file.

Can he shut down his Synology NAS from time to time? Leo says it's designed to always be on, and if he just needs a backup drive, it may be better to just have an external drive he can attach from time to time. He could get a Drobo and use it as a giant hard drive.