What's the best way to transfer my data to a new Android phone?

Episode 1427 (1:49:43)

Chip from Corona Del Mar, CA
Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Chip has over 400 apps on his Android phone, along with hundreds of contacts. He wants to know the best method for transferring all of that data to a new phone. Leo says that first of all, both Samsung and Google will backup his data. His previous phone was an HTC, and his new phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note. Leo says even if the two phones aren't from the same company, Android will still prompt him to transfer some of the data through NFC by touching the phones together. Google syncs his settings, and on Samsung phones it's under "Cloud and Accounts" in Settings. Chip can see that it will offer him a backup to both Samsung and Google. For Google, he'll just turn on "Back up my data" and then turn on "automatic restore." It doesn't backup the actual app, but it does back up a list of the apps and will re download them from the Play Store. Then when Chip sets up a new phone, it will ask if he wants to restore from a backup. If he says yes, this will get him a long way toward being set up on the new phone.

The one thing he won't have is his home screen setup. Leo's recommendation there is to use a third party launcher instead of Google's launcher. He suggests Nova Launcher or Action Launcher, which will allow him to save his complete configuration to Google Drive or Dropbox, and then he could reload it.