What happened to my browser extensions?

Episode 1427 (42:49)

Don from Montana
Chrome browser

Don is having issues with his browser extensions. They had been slow, but now it's worse. Leo says that it could be due to Chrome's built-in sync option that will transfer his bookmarks and themes to another browser. You'd think that Sync would fix it. Leo says that Don should try resetting Chrome to see what happens. He'll have to reinstall his extensions afterwards. If he's going to do that, though, he should try deleting Chrome and then reinstalling. He's also running into verification issues. Leo says that the cookies aren't being retained, and Leo suspects that there's a hard drive issue. Also, if he doesn't store cookies, then the sync can't run correctly. He'll need to have cookies running, so he should turn it back on.

Leo also says that LastPass can cause delays because it has to sync the passwords.