How can I bring my phone on an international vacation?

Episode 1427 (1:41:07)

Kirk from Crestline, CA

Kirk is going on vacation to the south pacific and needs an international plan for his phone. Leo says that T-Mobile started a free 2G-3G international data and texting plan and it has put pressure on other carriers to do the same. Leo always brings T-Mobile with him when he travels. Leo also recommends Google Fi because it uses various carriers. AT&T has a daily pass option, which is $10 a day. Verizon was the hardest to use overseas, but they've recently started the day pass like AT&T. Kirk should check with his carrier and see what they offer. He can also ask them to unlock his phone for the trip and use a local SIM. He should check out for information on what local carrier SIMs are good for where he's going. He should remember that he'll have a different phone number, though.
Another option is to get a MiFi wireless access point.

How does he move data to his SD card on his Samsung Galaxy 8? Leo says he just has to put the SD card in, and the phone's camera app should ask him to where to put his photos. He can also find that in his settings. Kirk can also use it to save music and other media as well. How can he transfer those things? Leo says he shouldn't do it all manually, as that's where trouble starts. Some apps will offer to do it, and that's the best way to do it. But if he has to, he should try using a file manager app like Astro.