Can I make calls to land lines with Amazon Echo?

Episode 1427 (34:22)

Doctor Mom from Long Island, NY
Amazon Echo

Doctor Mom says that Amazon turned on calling land lines with the Echo, much like Google Home can. She's tried it out and it's much like the Echo to Echo feature. You wake it up and then say "dial, [phone number]." But it will not call Google Voice numbers or 800 numbers. You can't hook up a Bluetooth headset, either.

Leo says that those are similar issues to the Google Home variant. Doctor Mom owns a lot of Echo products but she will not buy the Echo Alarm Clock because it has a camera built into it. Leo says he doesn't understand what they were thinking. It's a creepy feature to add to a bedroom alarm clock. She also says that the Echo Connect is coming, and it will allow you to make phone calls from your home number. Leo says that will probably solve the problem of being able to call 800 numbers. It will also give you 911 support. Leo doesn't like the speaker phone capability and that you can't hook up a headset to it.