Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1426 (24:00)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins us to talk about a recent article he wrote on AVS Forum about whether 8K is already around the corner. We're going to see them at CES next January, you can bet. Scott says that 8K is a lot closer than we think, but that's only from the perspective of the TV manufacturers who want to sell upgraded TVs. Content is nowhere near around that same 8K corner. Scott says that TV manufacturers can do it so quickly because it won't cost them very much to transition to it in the LED lines. But OLED will take quite some time for it to be affordable. The trick here is that OLED is getting really popular and is becoming a standard.

Leo says we were hoping to have outgrown being "number crazy," since it's just way too easy to judge according to numbers. While 8K is better for more resolution, most people will never see the difference from 4K to 8K in a standard 60" screen. Scott says that the only real killer app for an 8K screen would be to view photographs. A 12MP camera can capture 8K so that would be the best way to get all the resolution you can when viewing your pictures. VR is also a good use for it.